Before you can consent to participate in a clinical trial, your medical records are screened by an NCRC research nurse to determine whether you may be eligible for a particular study. If it appears that you would be eligible based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the Nebraska Cancer Research Center nurse notifies your oncologist who determines whether you are a good candidate for the study. If your oncologist feels that participation in the study would be beneficial, he/she will discuss the study with you as well as benefits and risks. If you are interested in participating, your oncologist will review the consent form with you and the NCRC nurse will be available to answer any questions you may have. You may take the consent form with you to review prior to signature. Once the consent form is signed, the NCRC nurse notifies your oncologist of any tests or procedures required prior to initiation of the trial. An NCRC nurse will monitor your progress while you are in the active phase of the trial and will be present at your visits to ensure that the protocol is being followed. Once you finish the active phase of your trial, you will enter the long-term follow-up phase of the study. Our data coordinator will occasionally contact you and will follow your progress and submit data back to the study group.